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Block Explorer for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and More BlockCypher

By printing out your own Feathercoin wallets and generating your own addresses, you can minimise your exposure to hackers as well as untrustworthy people in your home or office. Just transfer your Feathercoins to your new wallets, and use common sense to keep your wallets safe how to buy nftx the way you would ordinary cash. If you are just receiving FTC, that is handled on the blockchain and you wallet scans and calculates for transactions for address, as you synchronise the wallet. In that case the old back-ups are still valid, so new backups are not required.

Feathercoin is a cryptographic based currency using the Bitcoin core protocols and it’s own settings. The software to validate and access the Feathercoin blockchain is developed by a group of open source contributors communicating through why do network engineers need to learn linux? the Feathercoin forum. The data displayed in block explorers are interlinked and well connected to one another. For example from this transaction lists you can click on transaction id and view more details about that particular ID.

That is not cheap to parallelise because each additional processor also needs it’s own memory. Etherium is a coin similar to Feathercoin, but where the miners also close smart contracts. Set up an online payment system with Feathercoin (FTC) shopping Cart payment system. In most circumstance, alternative currencies coexist on a system by their name and the port they communicate on. When exchanges or pools deal with multiple currencies on a server they can use pchMessageStart to distinguish between them. If Batman agrees to send Superman 0.05 FTC, He clicks the “Sign” button as well.

Edge Mobile Wallet

Signature addresses can be made with up to three signatures with the current wallet implementation. Further details and an example of how to set up and use a MultiSig address is included later in the guide, under menu options. The first time the wallet is run, or if it has been offline for a while, it will need to synchronise or get up to date with the latest blockchain. As the wallet finds other wallets or peers on the feathercoin network, it will ask them for previous blocks and gradually build up a copy of the block chain.

They are most trusted and a well established third party crypto companies. Not just these but there are dozens of other block explorers out there for Bitcoin. In addition to exploring blocks some of these website offers useful tools such as wallet, stats, market data, widgets and API services. Here we’re not going to explain all of those additional features and we won’t go into the technical part on how these services fetches data from the blockchain. Instead we’ll explain the use of these services and we will show you some interesting things that you can do with block explorers.

  • If you want to include your own block explorer just add a | after the previous URL and replace the transaction ID with %s.
  • Press on the Add recipient button to send payments to more than one recipients.
  • Unlike a full node it doesn’t store the full blockchain but instead stores only the transactions that are relevant for the wallet users, using a technic called SPV.
  • Blockchain Explorers and its data might seem confusing at the beginning but once you master this tool you’ll know how effective it is in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Hull coin was created with the advise of Feathercoin members and staff as well as software forked from Feathercoin source code. Hull City Council announced in March 2014 the UK’s first local government operated cryptocurrency, dubbed HullCoin. It was created by Hull City Council’s Financial Inclusion Support as a project to the alleviate the suffering in the Hull area. The process can be used with Feathercoin or any bitcoin based blockchain to perform “Notary” without any third party involvement. The Feathercoin Open Map project is a fork of the popular designed to show merchants accepting FTC as a payment.


Usually the wallet will automatically detect a stealth transaction for your address, if not you can let it scan from one block height to another. Here we’ll describe how two partners can spend / transfer coins from their 2-of-3 MultiSig address. This transaction needs to be signed with two private keys, one is hold by Superman, the other by Batman or the Hulk. In the case of a dispute, go to Receive coins and click on the “Sign Message” option. The signature generated is unique to the address and to the message.


Version 0.8 will be deprecated once the automatic 0.11 fork is completed. Feathercoin development is already moving on to including FTC facilities in 0.11 core series, whilst maintaining and refining the 0.9.x as a bridge. The aim currently is to include more difficult major changes in the 0.1x.x series that will require a hard fork and all users upgrade. Superman wants to send some Feathercoin (FTC) to the Hulk in his MultiSig addresses.

Advanced Features

To run directly from BitMessage’s directory /home/USER/programs/PyBitmessage/src i.e. the directory and the other .py files are in. First find the transaction ID from the transaction menu right click option of the Address with a message. Stealth addresses are how to trade crypto under 18 converted to their “actual address” in the wallet. The wallet tab allows setting the global transaction fee to apply to sent transactions, enable Coin Control Features and set wither to spend unconfirmed change. The URI can be copied via and pasted into a text file or email.

Mining is done by 3rd parties using feathercoind (server daemon software), additional mining software, Graphics card drivers and hard ware (GPU for mining Feathercoin). That transfer of receive address can be done by email or encrypted by Bitmessage or Tor, to prevent the “man in the middle” identification of the address. Think of each address a safety deposit box which anyone can see in, but only you have the key. The help menu contains information on the version or Feathercoin and the Qt framework it was developed on in the about section and a list of the available command line options. To import the MultiSig file into your wallet, open Send addresses on the Wallet menu and click New the MultiSig button. If there no problems found then the newly created Multisig address can be found on “Addresses”.

Press the export button at the bottom right and export the transaction details to comma delimited file. Right click on the transactions to show the transaction drop down. In this case copy address to clipboard is highlighted so you simply paste that into a document for someone to send funds to that address without having to remember a large address.

You can either click the block feed link or you can input the block height number directly in the search field of the block explorer. OmniFeather is an asset Layer that allows the creation of fixed or managed tokens on top of the Feathercoin blockchain. Included is a decentralised exchange that allows trading of tokens for Feathercoins. Create a token that can either be indivisible or divisible up to eight decimal places. Define a the total number of tokens, token name, category, subcategory, URL and some additional text based data that can be used for things like Proof-of-Existence data. Thanks to the many Feathercoin developers, the number and quality of our applications is always growing.

The wallets have a complex job to do validating that your currency isn’t counterfeit. They have been also designed to be intuitive to use and allow new users to get started without having to understands the technical details of how it operates “under the hood”. This section displays network hashrate, difficulty, next estimated difficulty and few other network specific information. For example the current hashrate is 42.91 EH/s which is equal to 42,910,000 TeraHash. These network data will help you to estimate your mining income and Bitcoin fees needed for a successful transaction. If you are new to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies then by now you might have heard the term “Block Explorer”.

Feathercoin Core Node

Checkpointing was originally built in to Bitcoin in order to prevent dishonest people reversing transactions and taking back the money they had sent. Feathercoin developers have ensured P2Pool has a compatible version for Neoscrypt, that has extensive instructions on how to run your own private pool or an online P2Pool node. You can run your own or connect to a peer to peer node of the P2Pool distributed mining system. In addition the introduction of eHRC included re-calculation of the difficulty, called Re-Target, after every block. Other advantages gained with the 0.9.3.x series include, Qt5 development environment, speed increase, DNS seeds and improved database synchronising. The newer 0.9.3.x basic code has been moved “upstream” to be closer to the Bitcoin core framework.

Feathercoin uses the Bitcoin URIs standard which represents a common payment method by text file. Bitcoin URI strings became the most popular way to share payment request, either as a link, or the URI text it’s self or using a QR code. This image shows the grid shown when the report button is pressed. In the example the grid is filtered on “all the transactions that happened today” and calculates the number and total. At the bottom right corner of the wallet window is the circular animation which shows the speed blocks are arriving. If you mouse over it will tell you how many blocks it has got to go and how long ago the last transaction was it has got to.

Feathercoin wallets are simple and secure as they are always up to date with Bitcoin Core releases. The mobile wallets allow users to spend and receive FTC on the go and if something still isn’t clear, there is a helpful community. The initial blog post from Peter Bushnell about the release of Feathercoin on bitcointalk dates back to April 16th, 2013. Feathercoin, as one of the oldest Altcoins, has proven the test of time. It is also still being actively developed by its founder and a small but strong open-source community contributing to the project.

Abe formerly ran on some ODBC configurations, Oracle, and IBM DB2, but
we have not tested to be sure it still works. See the comments in
abe.conf about dbtype for configuration examples. It’s simplicity, the automated encrypted backups and the built-in exchange feature, all make it the perfect wallet to get started with Feathercoin. Some of the Address generators can also look for Vanity addresses that are valid but include certain strings, like a name. Because Neoscrypt would require more memory, it would mean GPU mining would only be 100 times CPU mining where as it had been a 1000 with Scrypt and 10,000 Bitcoin hashes. FTC recently completed a review of effectiveness of eHRC against the increase in GPU Multipools and large GPU pools.

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