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Strategy Designer Features

If the signaler of choice doesn’t send sell signals however you will need to set a selling strategy yourself. The signaler will send buy signals to your hopper when it has spotted a potential good trade, some signalers also send out sell signals to let you know when exit the trade. Of course, I’m talking about the TokenTact Marketplace, where any TokenTact user can get bots that have been built by other TokenTact users. You’ll also find that TokenTact is suitable for traders of all experience levels. New traders can take advantage of the TokenTact Academy, and other educational resources to get started with a solid basic understanding of how to use the tool.


Your exchange connection is now ready and you can start trading. Rather than turning off buying when the overall Crypto market turns bearish, you can use a trigger to automatically switch to a bearish trading templates you’ve prepared. Imagine you have two templates—one for bullish market conditions and one for bearish ones. We have selected the EMA as our indicator of course, and the candle size of 1 day. Our trigger point, in this case, is when the EMA signals a buy.

Click the trade now button in the table below to start trading with this robot. InsidBitcoins research reveals that TokenTact trading technologies are the latest in the industry. For instance, this platform uses AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to trade news. It also has the potential to analyze thousands of charts within a microsecond and execute trades. This, according to TokenTact, is what makes their app highly profitable.

I signed for TokenTact on January 16th 2023 and it is easy to set it up and build a strategy so the robot can start the trading, now I am making some profits. To be successful trader in the long term you need to backtest a strategy frequently as the market conditions change. TokenTact’s platform is free to use for most investors. Track your holdings, execute trades in real-time through TokenTact’s trading terminal and access strategy backtesting features without any monthly or annual fees. To allow your bot to interact with KuCoin, you will need to create an API Key.

The DMI sends a buy signal when the positive directional movement line (green line) crosses above the negative directional movement line (the red line). When the positive directional movement line (green line) crosses below negative one (the red line), it sends a sell signal. We specifically said crossing because it uses non-sticking signals, so it only sends the signals once, at the crossovers. Last but not least, unlike with other indicators, the ATR does not generate buy or sell signals since it measures the volatility of the market.

Connect your Coinbase Advanced account to and start automating your trades, copy experts, trade using AI or manage your portfolio for free. Connect your Bybit account to TokenTact and start automating your trades, copy experts, trade using AI or manage your portfolio for free. Connect your Bittrex account to TokenTact and start automating your trades, copy experts, trade using AI or manage your portfolio for free.

Other than those things and a few other minor issues, I am enjoying using CH. It earns a 4/5 stars from me, leaving room for improvement. Market trends change, and so does your trading strategy.

  • TokenTact accepts deposits through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, and over 70 cryptocurrencies.
  • That means you need to give it a good strategy if you expect it to be profitable.
  • Crypto Arbitrage involves a trader purchasing and selling an identical asset on multiple exchanges to capitalize on variations in price and earn a profit.
  • Overbought zones are areas where the price has risen significantly in a small interval of time, which suggests that a trend reversal can occur.

All of these tools create the potential for profit and are almost totally automated. Of course, once you set the bot loose, you will be responsible for any losses, so starting small is probably a good idea. TokenTact is a good platform for automating trading bots, even for a beginner. The platform has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange, and the documentation available on their website makes it easy to understand how each trading bot works. TokenTact and TokenTact trading bots offer good-quality customer support services, with TokenTact offering live chat and email support and TokenTact email support only. As of this writing, none of the platforms provide phone support.

For example, your quote currency is USD, and you have seen that normally ADA, ATOM, and EOS are prone to offer arbitrage opportunities among certain exchanges. You will need to have all these coins on two (or more) exchanges that you want to do Arbitrage on. Now you are set and ready to start taking advantage of price inefficiencies. It is a moving average that includes several EMAs in its calculation to smooth price fluctuations, but without the lag that characterizes trend indicators. Like a standard SMA, this indicator to spot trends and trend reversals. It is done by crossovers between a fast and a slow moving average.

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